GOES-R Series Multilingual Training Resources

This site provides training materials for GOES-R series satellites in multiple languages, including Portuguese, which I help to translate. Requires a MetEd account to access.

IAG Devs

The IAG Devs research group with IAG graduate students and professors develops educational material in Portuguese for other students. Check out our Introduction to R Course.


The SOS-CHUVA project developed research in thunderstorm nowcasting in the Metropolitan Region of Campinas based on acquired knowledge during CHUVA Project. I help to coordinate a hail detection network installed for the first time in the region.

Aerosol and clouds life cycles in Amazonia: biogenic emissions, biomass burning and impacts on ecosystem

This thematic grant develops research in Aerosol Life Cycle (ALC), Cloud Life Cycle (CLC), and Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation-Precipitation Interactions (CAPI) in Amazonia by several fronts, including a new site assembled near the ATTO Tower called Campina, which I’m currently involved by mentoring one of the instruments installed on the site.